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The tuition fee based, Geography MSc program in English is offered for international students. Its aim is to train Geographer professionals who are prepared to do urban and landscape planning. They will understand the natural, environmental, technical and social phenomena and processes, they will be able to develop and apply science-based solutions to plan and manage the sustainable use of natural and human environment.

Entry requirements

Geography BSc degree is totally approved. Degrees approved with special conditions: Earth science/Geology, Environmental Science, Environmental engineering, Geo-Engineering, Geodetic Engineering, Garden and Landscape Architecture, Economic and Rural Development, Environmental Management, Agricultural Engineering, Nature Conservation Engineering, Tourism and Hospitality Management or relevant disciplines.

Fulfillment of the absent prerequisites in case of degrees approved with special conditions:

In case of degrees approved with special conditions the entry requirement for the Master program is to possessing 65 credits in the following fields:

  • natural sciences (10 credits): mathematics, geo-mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology (ecology), geodesy
  • economic and human studies (10 credits): economics, legal studies, sociology, management, geopolitics, European Union studies
  • professional studies (45 credits): geomorphology, hydrogeography, biogeography, pedogeography, population and urban geography, economic geography, regional geography (Europe, Hungary), geoinformatics

The Entry requirement is to possess minimum 45 credits in the listed fields based on the earlier studies. The missing credits have to be completed according to the Academic and Examination Regulations of Szeged University.
To be admitted to Master's level programme, students must demonstrate proficiency in English (IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 85). The admission procedure: decision will be based on the submitted documents and oral examinations or Skype interviews can also be held.

CourseTutor(s)Semesterhours/week (lecture+practice)ECTSType of Mark (Exam + Prac. mark)
Basic courses

Research methods in geography

Prof. Dr. Mezősi Gábor; Dr. Boros Lajos


2+1 4+0 E

Environmental systems

Dr. Kiss Tímea 2+1  3+1 E + P 

Project management

Dr. Bajmócy Péter; Nagy Gyula 1+1  1+1 E + P 

Regional policy and spatial development

Dr. Nagy Gábor 2+2  3+2  E + P

Space and Society

Prof. Dr. Kovács Zoltán 2+1  3+1 E + P

Political geography of the world economy

Dr. Boros Lajos 2+2  3+2 E + P

Social Geography

Dr Bajmócy Péter 2+0  3+0  E

Landscape planning

Dr. Szilassi Péter 2+0  3+0 

Environmental Risk Assessment

Dr. Ladányi Zsuzsanna 2+0  3+0 

Environmental geography

Dr. Sipos György 2+0  3+0 
Compulsory courses

Spatial data collection

Dr. Szatmári József; Dr. Tobak Zalán  1 2+1  3+1 E + P 


Dr. Tobak Zalán; Dr. Boudewijn van Leeuwen 2+2  3+2  E + P 

Spatial data analysis

Dr. Kovács Ferenc, Dr. Boudewijn van Leeuwen, Dr. Mucsi László 1+2   1+2 E + P 

Environmental planning models

Dr. Barta Károly; Dr. Szatmári József 1+3  2+3  E + P 

Urban geography and urban planning

Prof. Dr. Kovács Zoltán 2+1  3+1  E + P 

Rural geography and rural development

Dr. Hegedűs Gábor 2+1  3+1  E + P 

Place marketing

Dr. Boros Lajos 2+0  3+0 

GIS in regional and urban planning

Dr. Hegedűs Gábor; Nagy Gyula 0+5  0+5 

Vegetation description and analysis

Dr. Tanács Eszter; Dr. Gulyás Ágnes 3+1  4+1  E + P 

Hydrological planning

Prof. Dr. Rakonczai János 3+1  4+1  E + P 
Other compulsory courses
External professional training   240 hours  0+5
Thesis work I.   0+10  0+10 
Thesis work II.   0+20  0+20 
Compulsory elective and elective courses in total     E + P 
Final exam          
Supporting talented students

The program pays special attention to talented students. Unfortunately certain talented student programs can not be applied for international students, since due to the language constrains they can not participate at Science Student Conferences (TDK/OTDK) held in Hungarian, furthermore they can not attend in ERASMUS part-time Master programs where Hungarian nationality is a precondition. Talented students are supported in the following ways: 

  • Scholarship is awarded for talented students providing outstanding performance by involving external supporters;
  • Students providing good academic performance are encouraged to gain additional knowledge via small-group learning e.g. by applying for additional courses or field surveys;
  • Talented students can apply to become a demonstrator who can help the work of the newcomers in a student tutoring system;
  • Talented students can participate at research seminars, PhD debates and in the research of the Department and the Institute.

Experts participating in the program have significant experience in environmental, economic and societal research fields, and to these researches talented students can join. The students can summarize their results in articles and present them in conferences. All these can support the preparation of students for doctoral studies and facilitate their advance in the Doctoral School Programme. In the Doctoral School of Geosciences at the University of Szeged the interrelations of natural, economic and social environment, furthermore the more frequent environmental conflicts are highlighted research areas.

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