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The European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) was founded in 1999 and at present accounting over 400 members from all over Europe and beyond. The Hungarian group of the ESEH consists of 13 members, 11 of them live in Hungary (mainly in Szeged and Budapest) and 3 members live abroad (Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland-USA).
The main form of contact with Hungarian members is circular e-mails, regularly sent around to the members with latest news of the Society (in Hungarian). Besides, the Hungarian group organised its first local mini-conference and round-table discussion in June 2010. This event is planned to be followed by other conferences.
At the present website short descriptions, general information are provided in Hungarian:

1. about the ESEH in general: aims, structure (AZ ESEH-RŐL ÁLTALÁBAN)

2. conferences and workshops organised by the ESEH on a regular basis (KONFERENCIÁK, WORKSHOP-OK)

3. the ESEH in Hungary (ESEH MAGYARORSZÁG)

4. Hungarian members of the ESEH (MAGYAR TAGSÁG)

5. How/why to become a member? (HOGYAN/MIÉRT LEGYEK TAG?)

6. news (FRISS HÍREK)

7. links connected (KAPCSOLÓDÓ HONLAPOK)

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